BA degree in Translation, Professional Certificate in Conference Interpretation, Graduate Certificate in Foreign Trade and an MBA in Marketing. Sound experience in International Trade, Market Research, Exports & Imports, responsible for managing major accounts in Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East countries.


I have been providing services as an Interpreter for a wide array  of industry sectors, as Building Products and Construction,  Mechanical and  Industrial Engineering , Safety and Security, Automotive, Telecom, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Chemical, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Energy,  Environment, Sewerage and Waste Management, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Dairy Products, Textiles, etc. 



Playing the role of an interpreter, I act not only as a language mediator, but also as a facilitator in meetings, site visits, factory inspections, trade shows, business related events, etc.   


Should I hire an Interpreter? 

Over the years, we have heard about the results of companies/people who have hired an interpreter who was not a certified professional. It is already challenging enough to understand someone through language, but when a person who is interpreting is not a trained professional, the language tends to be much less accurate than when a professional is hired. You may invite anyone who speaks both languages to play the role of an interpreter. They want to be helpful and believe that any translation is better than no translation. However, the truth is almost the opposite. A poor or incomplete interpretation can be worse than no interpretation because people will often act on incomplete or inaccurate information. One pressing question you may be faced with is: “Should I hire an interpreter?” Speaking two languages is a complex linguistic and psychological phenomenon. An interpreter has first to listen to the speaker, understand, analyze what is being said, synthesize it and then deliver the speech in the appropriate form in a different language. Therefore, interpretation is not simple and requires highly specialized technical skills. Now, you know the advantages you may have for hiring a professional interpreter for your next project. You can make your choice!